What we heard in 2015

More than 800 people have participated in two rounds of consultation conducted in 2015, including co-design workshops. These co-design workshops allowed participants to envision and capture features and elements of a community that they would like to see created on the IOCO Lands in three stages at each event:

  • 1group sharing of key elements of a “Day in the Life” on the site;
  • 2breakout groups to create visuals representing ideas on specific topic areas; and
  • 3circulation to review and provide feedback on each group’s ideas board.

Participants also had an opportunity to provide written summary comments.

The resulting co-design drawings and comment sheets provide the design team with insights on key themes and interests that were important to workshop participants: what they would like to see and experience on and around the IOCO Lands. It does not provide statistically reliable metrics on how many or what percentage of participants supported, or didn’t support, the various ideas put forward.

Following is a summary of the key themes from the community and stakeholders

Interactive Community – an overarching and common theme across all topic areas was a desire for a more vibrant and interactive community. Participants wanted opportunities and places to interact with friends and neighbours in recreational, social, educational and even volunteer contexts. Participants want vibrant and active experiences and spaces.

Protect Heritage Buildings and Townsite – one of the most unique and treasured aspects of the IOCO Lands is the heritage-designated buildings and townsite, which participants want preserved and reflected in any new community.

Environmental Stewardship – a common theme emerged around the natural setting surrounding IOCO Lands: participants mentioned protection of trees and streams, and for natural forests and green space to be featured. They also expressed interest in sustainable infrastructure, such as water, wastewater and energy management.

Waterfront Focus – many participants want public access to the waterfront which hasn’t previously been available. This might include an oceanside restaurant or café, a small beach area, a marina, and a launch for canoes, kayaks and paddleboards.

Incorporate Retail and Services – access to coffee shops, medical clinic, fresh food and baked goods were also frequent themes, with many also wanting to incorporate an ‘arts’ element such as galleries, a performing arts area and live-work space for artists.

Living at IOCO Lands – while expressing a common desire for a more lively sense of community, participants expressed a range of preferences for housing, ranging from low to a mix of density, and asked for consideration of affordability, housing for seniors, live-work space for artists and preservation of natural and green space.

Getting Around – safe walking and cycling paths as well as hiking trails were a very common theme across various groups, as was access from Anmore to the waterfront and from the old townsite to Newport Village. Many people expressed concerns about increased traffic in the area and suggested improved transit services, including buses, potential rapid transit on the existing rail line and ferry service to Rocky Point.

Project Area Map

It’s your turn

Learn about and provide your feedback on Our Vision and 9 Proposed Sustainable Design Principles and Benefits.

Consultation topics

Our Vision

Sustainable Design Principle 1:

Integration + Diversity

Sustainable Design Principle 2:

Well-loved Public Places

Sustainable Design Principle 3:


Sustainable Design Principle 4:


Sustainable Design Principle 5:


Sustainable Design Principle 6:


Sustainable Design Principle 7:

Waterfront Access + Activity

Sustainable Design Principle 8:

Connecting Communities

Sustainable Design Principle 9:

Getting Around IOCO

Provide Your Feedback

You can also attend our public open houses or small group meetings (RSVP required) in your community:

Public Open Houses

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Saturday, June 17, 2017
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