Inspired by the idea of living in the forest, BCG envisions a community that is in harmony with its hillside trees and vegetation and clear, flowing, salmon-bearing creeks while at the same time re-energizing the site’s unique heritage and restoring a vibrant community heart where local residents live, work, shop, play and create.

This new community will create shoreline and waterfront access for new and existing residents to enjoy from land and water, connecting the water to a trail system that delivers new opportunities for recreation and that connects with popular regional parks.

These three dimensions of the IOCO Lands make up a complete community that offers a range of housing types – seniors, empty nesters, young families, artists, and students — a diverse community that is exciting yet accessible, and always sustainable.

Our Proposed Sustainable Design Principles:

  1. Integration + Diversity
  2. Well-Loved Places
  3. Vibrancy
  4. Heritage
  5. Environment
  6. Sustainability
  7. Waterfront Access + Activity
  8. Connecting Communities
  9. Getting Around IOCO

Our Vision and Proposed Sustainable Design Principles were prepared by the IOCO Lands Team to reflect community and stakeholder feedback received over the past two years, and best practices in sustainable planning and design.

Learn more about our Vision and Proposed Sustainable Design Principles by reading through the June 2017 Consultation Discussion Guide below.

IOCO Lands 2017 Discussion Guide